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Ohio Farm
Acrylic - 11X14 Canvas board

Peidmont Creek
Acrylic - 8 X 10 Canvas board

Tawas Point Lighthouse
Acrylic - 16 X 20 Canvas board
after a painting by Frank Tarpley (with permission)

Polar Bear
Acrylic - 11 X 14 Canvas board

Pine Needle Basket 2, made in the so-called European style.
That is, in the style of the European settlers of the Apalachains

Pine Needle Basket 37, with all natural materials, made in the style of the Cherokee Tribe
using needles with the tips still intact and palm fiber sewed with a needle
made from a deer front leg bone.

Bowl turned from rare wormy spalted pecan

Lidded goblet turned from a section of magnolia limb.

Three turned bowls - Left to right - Maple, walnut, and nut-bowl of mahogany

Two lathe-turned pens. Top is Granadillo wood, bottom is Bocote wood.


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